About me

Mapping properties was my hobby in my younger days.

I first came in contact with real estate when I was 5-6 years old, thanks to my grandmother. She used to visit compensation property auctions those days and she always told me about how these were organized and what happened there. I really loved her stories, she told them in such an interesting way. At the age of 10, when my sister drew and coloured princesses, I used the other side of the paper to draw property layout plans. Real estate has always been talked about in our family, I was practically born with it.

When I was 14, my father asked me to search for lots all around the country, suitable for a new facility for the family business. Since then, it has been a hobby to continuously browse expressz.hu and other relevant advertising channels. I know, kind of a strange hobby for a teen. But through this, I found more and more less known sites and estate ads on the net.

I realized that the real value lies in being expert in search terms. The more I dig into the world of properties for sale or for rent, the more I found less known properties as well, and all this proved to be a rewarding activity, even a good business.

I try to provide value to people by giving real solutions to problems.

I followed closely the real estate boom in the 2000s and the recession after. I learnt a lot from that period too. I had not enough funds to invest at that time, but one thing I learnt for sure: it is recession time when you have the best opportunities to invest. I am trying to help others with this.

My degree is in building service engineering, I studied at the Budapest University of Technology. I only realized lately that this is also related to buildings. I remember how I preferred to hunt for apartments for rent for my fellow students and work on ideas on how to synchronize property owner aspects with students’ needs for rental homes. I could see how many reliable students would have had money for better properties to rent, and how many owners did not find good tenants.

I believe in and work every day on building win-win partnerships.

In 2010, with the help of my family, I developed (from system to operation) the first automated hotel of the country in Győr. By this, I gained more complex property development experience too, from software development through property management to hotel management. This project, however, also reminded me that I wasn’t a hotel manager kind of guy and the world of automated processes and no direct contact with people wasn’t for me. I am more interested in human stories and personal interactions. When I hear a story in which someone is searching for a rental, a property for sale or an investment, I immediately start looking for an ideal solution.

Up to now, I’ve managed sales and rent processes of family owned apartments, lots, warehouses. Several acquaintances contact me ever since for help, as I managed to solve previous projects successfully. Fortunately, by dealing mostly with family owned properties, I still have the necessary insight to help. This shows mostly in paying special attention to the cost effectiveness of the project, I don’t push the more expensive solution, I believe in common sense.

Briefly about me

I live in the 13th district of Budapest, with my wife and baby boy. My hobbies are reading business and motivational books, collecting American basketball cards, I’ve been a huge Chicago Bulls fan since 11. I like traveling, seeing the world. I have a non-profit project called “Generation change without difficulties” in which I organize meetings for descendants involved in taking over family businesses, where speakers experienced in successful changes share their stories on how they harmonized business with family bonds.


If you have a story on real estate issues that could help others in getting useful insight, please, send it by email.
I have heard quite a few tough stories during my career on bought properties and other real estate issues that I think we can all learn of. If you too have a story like that, please, send it by email to hello@zatikadam.hu and, with your consent only, I would gladly publish it in one of my blog posts.