For Tenants

How to search for a rental home?

As much as I would like to say that it’s easy, Icannot, because it’s not. We have to find a property offered on the market by combining our dream home features with the possibilities of our purse through getting into a business relationship with another person, not indifferent who.

Advice I usually give to foreign student tenants, but true for everyone:

  1. Start the search at the beginning of the month.
  2. Don’t wait until contract phase with facing how much you have to pay monthly with deposit and overhead included, know exactly how much money you can afford in the worst case.
  3. Start online, but do not restrict to that.
  4. Do not search for a rental home for 10 months or half a year period.
  5. Take into account that apartment lease is a business and it is important what the contract contains.
  6. Lease is a business, it’s not indifferent to the owner whether you can pay your rent later on, be prepared for questions on sources you have, and pay attention that your answer matches online information available on you.
  7. Do not think that other people care about you finding the best rental home.
  8. Use Facebook groups, but don’t loose your common sense.
  9. Know your co-residents, it is important who is named in the contract, if it is only you, that’s not too advantageous.
  10. Finally, it is always the contract that determines how painful farewell would be, reveals itself when the contract is finalized, not when a specific problem occurs later (this makes the search more difficult, especially when you have to stay somewhere and for this have to quickly find a place that fits your budget; start the search min. 2-3 months earlier)