Home & Property Management

Are you a property owner, but do not consider property management your main profile? Do property management processes seem confusing and you could use some help with these? Help from someone expert, who is willing to solve everything?
These are tasks that our company undertakes for you, so that you won’t need to spend days with administrative procedures.

We coordinate and handle all the tasks that occur during property management. Starting from the transfer of utility contracts, through lease, to finding tenants, collecting rent or managing property renewal.

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Management of the transfer of possession

Management of the transfer of possession includes the preparation of all the documents, forms, record, and docs for the inventory. We prepare these both for our Client and for the other party. We gather everything that needs to be filled in and signed by them, facilitating the paperwork, avoiding unnecessary rounds.

Transfer of utilities

We conduct the transfer of utilities procedure through all the utility providers involved, with follow-up to the first bills, including signing and sending back the contracts to the parties.

In our experience, the parties focus in most sale or lease cases on the contract and not on the handover record and transfer of utilities that follows. The parties usually need to meet again because of this.
There are some frequent mistakes, e.g. incorrect meter values in the record, missing signatures or details (like the address the bills should be delivered to) on the forms of the utility providers. Not mentioning the case when more owners or beneficiaries are involved in the procedure, this increases the administrative tasks, the number of documents to be signed, and with all these, the time needed for the procedure will also increase.

If we do something, we better do it well, that’s what we believe in! Our work is professional and accurate, we provide prepared documents, so that the transfer of utilities would go on in a fast way, without unnecessary rounds.

Tenant search

Our main goal in the tenant search is to find the proper tenant for the given property. Which does not mean the first person interested in the lease, but the one, who suits all the requirements in the best way.

The tenant search process and its issues:

  • To get a complete picture of our Client’s ideas, we start in each case with a survey and consultation on the Client’s needs and requirements.
  • Our experience and routine allows us to help our clients in finding interested potential tenants not only on the usual channels, but also through alternative possibilities.
  • When promising candidates appear, we always complete a background check on them, because it is our common interest to know who will be our partner in the lease.
  • Finally, when we find the best tenants, with a lawyer-, notary-authenticated contract we will ensure that the owner can relax, as this is also our common interest.
Rent collection

We are present in the life of both the owner and tenant, and operate as a property caretaker service. We stay almost unnoticed, but we know about everything, and we are there for our Clients, when they need us. Within the frame of our agreement, we control how tenants use the property and whether they pay the utility bills. The overhead expenses bills arrive to us first and we invoice these toward the tenants, in order to avoid problems. We do this in the smoothest way, we never disturb the tenants’ life.

Renewal management

A renewed, renovated property is always like a magnet , attracts the best potential buyers or tenants. We provide a detailed, all inclusive calculation for the whole process of the renovation. We start the project only if it gets a green light based on this.

When managing a renewal, we like to work with a decorator who designs the visual and deployment plans after the requirements had been mapped. We always ask for proposals from designers and constructors that we already know.

We complete an inspection on the building and we propose for renewal or replacement the utility elements we find problematic (specific water pipe replacements, water meter relocation for more convenient use etc.)

During the whole renewal process, we are present and cooperate with the executor, we choose together the material, furniture to be used and we control and document the completed work and its quality.

At the end of the renovation, we provide complete documentation and copies of the bills which we deliver to the property owner.