The expression caution deposit sounds a bit negative in everyday use, especially when you get across it in a lease situation and it is a key element of the lease contract. We can decrease risks for both parties in the lease if we understand the importance and purpose of the caution deposit, and we pay attention to what it means in the wording of the contract, therefore, we consult a lawyer before signing the contract.

The podcast helps, dear long-term lessor and those who are interested in the real estate market, in providing more information to you. As a property manager, I can see from close that both foreign and Hungarian owners need continuous authentic information for being able to take the good decisions. It is always the best to get this directly from a professional.

I discuss events with experts who look at the facts and relations from more professional aspects and have insights that we might not even think of. More points of view, more information that you can find out anywhere: listening to it at home, while driving, or running. Max. 30-minute podcasts. Practical information only, no theory.

You can listen to the Caution Podcast episodes here at the Soundcloud links, by scrolling down and clicking on the specific podcast episodes, as well as on the sites of Spotify, Anchor.fm, Google podcast and Apple Podcast.

I had a talk with Dr. Gergely Bajcsay, founder of Bajcsaylegal, about processes concerned by the sudden break in March in the real estate rentals and sales, regarding contracts, how vis maior has suddenly become a very important term of the contracts. With a few examples, he points out all that could be important for the audience. We also discussed issues for special attention in a lease contract. Very informative talk, with lots of examples.

With Zoltán Kőszegi, one of the owners of CDC Ingatlan, we discussed more subjects, but the most interesting was about difficulties and regulation of getting rental homes for families with small children. We also talked about the quiet part of downtown Budapest, the golden years of 2012-2014 period, foreign investors, liquidity of Budapest real estate market, also, about how rental market in Budapest will change this Summer because of the pandemic.

In this Caution Podcast episode, I consult with Dávid Török, real estate expert from Otthon Centrum and consultant of the year in 2018 and 2019, about what happens now on the real estate market, how the last month changed purchases, which districts of Budapest are most likely to develop in the near future, also, what he advises to those who intend to buy real estate: get to know their financial situation first.

Gábor Halaska, senior analyst at Otthonterkep.hu group, uses a very good analogy in Caution Podcast on how real estate market works: "Real estate market is like a long trainset, takes long to accelerate, but its stopping distance is also very long". We talked about uncertainty, the 5% VAT of brownfield sites and situation of new built homes, besides criteria mentioned in the title for choosing the location of the property.