Properties for Sale for Investment

We offer our own properties for sale, we have already completed the hard part of the work on these. Our properties are already renewed, with reliable tenants, can be considered as complete, profitable investments. You don’t have anything else to do, but take over the property and enjoy all the profits of your investment.

We offer two structures for our properties for sale

1. Property sale with tenants:

Renewed, ready, already profitable properties with tenants in them are offered for sale. We bought these, renewed them, furnished them and found tenants. All the risks are taken by us, as we invested our funds in these. The buyer will get a ready, profitable property from us.
The properties and tenants are supported by paid bills and contracts. We can give specific information on the return you can expect through the given property.

2. Property sale with tenants and property management:

We also offer as a service the further management of the property. We don’t abandon our Client after the purchase. In these cases the fee of the service is already included in the return calculation.
We know the property and the tenant too, the buyer makes a specific investment, just like buying a fully operational business.