Property Function Change & Consulting

We reflect continuously on how a property could be more profitable. How to structure, adjust it to reach its maximum profitability.

We frequently experience that owners look at their properties from a sole angle, they don’t always have the possibility to overview the market and the neighbourhood, or think through all the options. Could be that a property used as a garage would serve better as a retail space, or a retail space would be more profitable transformed into a home, or a house could better serve as an office building.

In the property function change & consulting process our Clients are guided through the following steps:
  1. Function investigation: we think through together with the Client, by consulting and background work, possibilities in use of the property and how it could be used in other ways.
  2. Ad analysis: we review all the advertisements previously published on the property. We adjust them if necessary.
  3. Survey of local regulations: we overview the relevant local government regulations to determine what options are possible to target or estimate the efforts needed to adjust the regulation.
  4. Assessment of the neighbourhood: in 1 km area of the property, we gather all the possibilities, demand and offer on similar real estate types.
  5. Contacting business tenants: in case we see that the property corresponds to a specific retail space type, we contact businesses with relevant profiles in the hope of a cooperation.